The newest ship in the Regent fleet has finally arrived. It is the culmination of more than three decades of expertise in luxury cruising. Regent took delivery of Seven Seas Grandeur™ – A Heritage of Perfection and the sixth ship to join The World’s Most Luxurious Fleet™ on 14 November 2023 in Ancona, Italy.

Upholding the heritage of perfection that Regent is known for when it comes to ultra-luxurious cruising, the Seven Seas Grandeur exceeds and raises the bar even higher with opulent design details and a crew to guest ratio 1 to 1.3, ensuring highly personalised service. 

I had the privilege to experience the Grandeur on preview voyage for 3 nights, before the start of her maiden voyage and inaugural season.   Apart from being exquisite, I discovered several new standout features that enhance an already exclusive experience.

New Additions Take Luxury to the Next Level

One of the most exciting new additions on the Seven Seas Grandeur is the downloadable app that takes guests on a guided walk to view the extensive artwork collection on board. This innovative app provides a 30-minute audio tour, giving fascinating details and background on each piece of art.

As I embarked on the tour via the app, I was taken on an emotional journey from laughter to tears to utter amazement. The app brought the art to life in a way that passive viewing could not achieve. Hearing the inspiration behind each artist’s creation gave me a deeper appreciation of the artwork and made me feel like I had my own private tour revealing secrets and insights. 

This addition demonstrates how Regent continues to innovate and enhance guests’ experience through immersive offerings.

Cuisine Fit for a Grandeur Voyage

The dining options onboard is nothing short of exemplary. From the elegant main dining room, Compass Rose, to the specialty restaurants, the cuisine showcases exquisite flavours from around the world. My experience when stepping into Prime 7 gave me the sense that I had stepped back in time. 

For this newest addition to the Regent fleet, the culinary team has created over 130 new dishes to delight passengers’ palates during their luxury voyage.

Fabergé Egg Exhibit – A World First

The pièce de résistance of the Seven Seas Grandeur is undoubtedly the world’s first Fabergé egg exhibit. In a unique collaboration, the House of Fabergé has created a custom egg that will be permanently displayed onboard.

The egg, along with a closely-guarded secret, will be unveiled during the ship’s christening ceremony on December 12th. This exclusive exhibit provides an unprecedented opportunity for guests to view an authentic Fabergé egg up close during their voyage.

As one of the few people in the world granted early access, I can confirm that the egg is truly a sight to behold. Crafted with extraordinary artistry and meticulous detail, it exemplifies the quality and mastery that Fabergé is renowned for. The egg confidentially incorporates elements specially designed for its home aboard the Seven Seas Grandeur.

With such a unique attraction at the heart of the ship, the Seven Seas Grandeur promises unparalleled luxury experiences for discerning global cruise travellers. 

Sustainability Innovations

The Seven Seas Grandeur is setting a new standard for sustainability in the cruise industry. 

Some of the impressive eco-friendly features include onboard food digesters, LED lighting, a dedicated waste management centre, waste heat recovery, an advanced waste water treatment system, cold ironing and onboard water production.

With its state-of-the-art technology and efficient design, Seven Seas Grandeur is raising the bar for environmentally responsible cruising. 

Exclusive Luxury

Building on the rich tradition of luxury from her sister ships, long-time cruisers of Regent lines will feel right at home on the Seven Seas Grandeur, with familiar touches that evoke a sense of timeless glamour. At the same time, new innovations and offerings ensure first-time guests will be wowed as well.

The Grandeur positions herself at the pinnacle of luxury cruising, amplifying understated elegance, luxury, and sophistication into perfection. 

Hard to come back down to earth after such a remarkable experience!

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Take a look at some of the images of this beautiful ship.

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